Who are we?
What is The Blockchain School?

We’ve built a platform
to Educate, Employ & Network

Leveraging benefits in Blockchain space to provide affordable learning & education to fellow entrepreneurs, freelancers & job seekers.

While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team is up to build a platform that will provide one-stop assistance in Blockchain space. It will be a Platform that consists of E-Learning, Freelance, Project Listings, Research & employment solution.

At the end, Our aim is to integrate all aspects of career and bring value to the Blockchain community, create Blockchain awareness, and in turn solve the problem of unemployment.

The Blockchain Age

Why Blockchain?

Why only Blockchain? Because right now, according to surveys and market analysis, there is a huge demand and supply gap for people qualified to undertake blockchain projects.

It is nearly a ratio of 5:1, which means a single individual can have five jobs at this point. Blockchain transformation is inevitable.

Companies are starting to adopt this new emerging technology and discarding the old infrastructure. A massive conflict of survival has created a vacuum in the availability of the right resources to deploy the future.

The Idea Behind

The Concept

We see ourself as the leading solution provider who fills the demand and supply gap, which in turn solves the problem of unemployment.

The Blockchain School is mainly the induction of the right skill set among the people of new age who seek higher, wider and better opportunities in the future.

Global Impact

Our Vision

The BLockchain School focuses on making any individual blockchain certified and industry ready to get employed at an affordable cost.

Apart from an E-learning platform for blockchain, we are going to provide A job's portal, and a freelance based platform for blockchain projects, corporate training, college cells/workshops/seminars, and every other possible aspect in and around blockchain technology.

How it work


The core technology in the explored use cases and innovate to a great extent.

Affordable Course Pricing
Save and Learn

We provide best quality content at minimal cost. Be Blockchain ready with no monetary hassle.

Next Generation Content
New Generation Learning

Learn with Motion Graphics, focused, detailed and structured content tailored to get maximum outcome.

Digital and Physical Training
Learn the new and old way

Learning avenues with Blockchain experts, Community meetups and mentor sessions.

Automated Recruitment
Secure A Job

A dedicated platform for Blockchain related job listings where users can start or boost their carrer.

TBS Passport
Explore the world of blockchain

Visit blockchain conferences around the globe and get an entry for free with TBS passport.

Freelance & Project Listing
Get recognized

Get a project on your name because experience matters as much as education.

what you get ?


The Blockchain School brings you a set of features which makes an individual gain skill and a boost in their career.


Ask an Expert, mentors stay active 24/7 to keep problems at bay.


Jobs portal to get a boost in your career and secure the future.


Certification will be issued after the course completion under a collaborative measure with a renowned university.


Apply The core technology in the explored use cases and innovate to a great extent.

Courses & Partnerships

Course List & Partnership Events

Previous partnerships The Blockchain School and the courses offered are listed here.

Course 1
Blockchain Essence
3 Hours
Will be Available by Mid July, 2019
Course 2
Blockchain Use Cases
5 Hours
Will be available by Mid August, 2019
Course 3
Blockchain Design & Dev
200+ Hrs
Will be available by Mid September, 2019
  • Blockchain Life, 2019 Singapore
  • Women in Data Science | Stanford, 2019 Pune
  • Malta AI and Blockchain Summit, 2019 Malta
  • IIT Kharagpur Annual Alumni Meet, 2019 IIT Kharagpur
  • European Blockchain Investment Congress, 2019 Austria
  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines, 2019 Philippines
  • Recruitment Tech MENA, 2018 Dubai

Road Map

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.

- Tony Robbins

2019 Q1 & 2
  • Platform Development | Content Creation
  • Referral Program & Partnerships
2019 Q3
  • Platform Launch & Begin of Bootcamps
  • Conferences
  • Events & Workshops
2019 Q4
  • Pilot Project Analysis
  • Platform Redesign & Crowdfunding
2020 Q1 & 2
  • Development Misc Upgrades
2020 Q3
  • Global Launch, Bootcamps, Conferences, Meetups
  • Events & workshops
2020 Q4
  • Head towards target of 1.0MN+ user base
  • Blockchain Incubation begins

Get In Touch

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  • knock@theblockchainschool.io
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