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The Blockchain School will initiate a new era of Education, which we believe is the most important value in the transition for coming generations.

The Blockchain School

blockchain Education Platform

The foundational concept behind The Blockchain School is mainly the induction of right skill set among the people of new age who seek higher, wider and better opportunities in future. The principle of this project is basically making people accessible to the best and latest in tech. The Blockchain School holds a vision of creating a community strong enough to pave the path to a peaceful and sustainable future using Blockchain technology, by equipping them with right knowledge.

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The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.
- Tony Robbins

2019 Quarter 1


Project kickstart

  • Content Development.
  • TBS Platform Design.
  • TBS Platform development kick start
  • TBS Announcement

2019 Quarter 2


Platform Development.

  • TBS Platform Development.
  • TBS Platform testing.
  • The Blockchain Safari.
  • Project Kick Start.

2019 Quarter 3


Start of the Pilot Project.

  • Customer Outreach.
  • Promotions.
  • Target of 10K Users for Pilot.

2019 Quarter 4


Feedback and Converion Analysis

  • Pilot Project Analysis.
  • Crowd Funding Round 1.

2020 Quarter 1


Design and Service Upgrades

  • TBS Platform upgrade design.
  • Service Layer 2 and Layer 3 development.
  • TBS Dynamic content planning.

2020 Quarter 2

TBS 2.0

New Platform Launch

  • TBS Upgraded platform testing and deployment.
  • The Blockchain Safari 2.

2020 Quarter 3


Service Expansion

  • Regional Expansion: Asia Pacific, Middle East.
  • Global Expansion: North America, Europe.

2020 Quarter 4

Complete Development

Global Launch

  • Customer Outreach.
  • Promotions.
  • Target: 1M Users.
Invest in the Future.
The Path


A huge repository of hours and hours of Blockchain education.

Under our current educational system, the potential is locked within the books and needs to be unlocked. Usually this potential is still given the traction by traditional methodologies. The requirement of professionals in Blockchain space has grown by 6000% according to media reports. This has created a massive gap in supply-demand ratio. The Blockchain School aims to reduce this gap by providing community with right platform to equip themselves with required skill set to be a Blockchain professional.

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